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Strong Weave is Back in Black

At Strong Man, we know that safety is crucial no matter what jobsite you’re on. That’s why we’re continuously updating our products so we can meet your needs, better, faster and safer. Because of our drive to do more, we’re glad to announce a new addition to a Strong Man favorite, the Strong Weave 77 Reinforced Poly Sheeting. This time, it’s back in black.

For those tough, heavy-duty projects, the NEW Strong Weave 77 Non-Fire-Retardant Reinforced Poly Sheeting in Black is exactly what you need. Crafted from strips of polyethylene woven together and coated on both sides for added strength, it’s as reliable as they come, even when faced with the toughest winds and the worst weather. This reinforced poly sheeting is waterproof, puncture-and-tear-resistant, and it goes without saying that it will keep you safe, no matter what. In addition, Strong Weave 77 Reinforced Poly is lightweight, UV-treated for long-lasting results and stays flexible in cold temperatures. Rest assured, this reinforced poly sheeting is strong enough to do its job all year round.

Strong Man values the safety needs of construction sites and their employees. With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, we know what it takes to make the highest-quality products on the market without sacrificing service. With the NEW Black Strong Weave 77 Non-FR Reinforced Poly Sheeting, you can go the distance and protect everything. Safety First. Go Strong.