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Founded in 1974, Strong Man Safety Products is a leading manufacturer of Debris Netting, weather enclosures, Fall Protection and construction containment products.

Construction is riddled with stresses around every corner, but ordering fall protection, debris netting, and weather enclosures does not have to be one of them. It’s our top priority to provide the construction industry freedom from worry by offering quality service and on-time delivery. Our sales team is comprised of serious, knowledgeable and customer service driven professionals that are well versed in the construction supply or scaffold industry, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the complications that contractors and distributors face on a daily basis.

The versatility of our product line can be seen as the seasons change. As the seasons change, the products used on today’s modern jobsites also change.  As the cold weather rolls in, the product mix may change from debris netting to construction tarps or scaffold wrap.   The type of application, building height and location all factor in to determining the proper safety, enclosure or containment product to use.  We educate our distributors to ensure that they recommend the most effective and efficient netting for the customers’ applications.

Safety. Service. Jobsite Solutions.

We take great satisfaction knowing that our products provide a safer work environment for construction professionals and pedestrians alike. We are committed to providing the best safety and enclosure products in the construction space across the entire United States.

We take pride in providing the fastest order processing and shipping in the industry. Most orders received before 2 PM EST are shipped the same day. With coast-to-coast locations, this rapid shipping dramatically reduces – and sometimes even eliminates – costly worker downtime and allows contractors to control costs. We are able to maintain this level of service because of our industry-leading expertise and our large, on-hand inventory.

Strong Man is committed to providing common-sense, workable solutions for the modern construction jobsite. We are proud to offer netting and enclosure products from our stock items located across the country or to develop a custom, job-specific solution. And remember, we work our distributors not around them.