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Founded in 1974, Strong Man Safety Products is a leading manufacturer of weather and debris enclosures for all seasons and applications.

Through our national distributor network, construction companies, sub-contractors and utility companies have depended on our enclosures to serve as a protective barrier between the rigors of construction and the daily commerce that surrounds it - all the while providing the customer a significant return on investment.

Construction is riddled with stresses around every corner, but ordering debris netting and weather enclosures does not have to be one of them. It’s our top priority to provide the construction industry freedom from worry by offering quality service and on-time delivery. Our entire sales staff has held jobs in either the construction supply or scaffold industry, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the complications that contractors and distributors face on a daily basis. By making jobsite visits with our distributors, we help contractors get to know the various types of debris netting and their job-specific benefits.

The versatility of our product line can be seen as the seasons change. For instance, weather conditions, type of application, building height and location all factor in to determining the proper debris netting. We educate our distributors to ensure that they recommend the most effective and efficient netting for the customers’ applications.

We provide our customers with top-notch service from the moment the order is placed all the way to delivery.

Most orders placed before 2 p.m. EST are shipped the same day. This rapid shipping dramatically reduces – and sometimes even eliminates – costly worker downtime and allows contractors to control costs. Also, it allows distributors to keep less inventory. We are able to maintain this level of service because of our industry-leading expertise and our large inventory, which is unparalleled in the tarp and debris-netting market. At Strong Man, we not only sell you the highest quality tarps and enclosures, but we also provide the assurance that each and every time you call, we will give the extra effort it takes to provide the highest quality service.