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When the 104-year-old Wrigley Field needed offseason renovations, Woolf Distributing CO, Inc. answered their call—but not without the help of Strong Man’s Heavy Duty FR Tarp. Perfect for creating a barrier between their jobsite and the elements, this tarp keeps Woolf Distributing working, despite the weather. Because when you’re faced with the Windy City, you need safety products that will stand tough.

Based out of Woodstock, IL, Woolf Distributing started the Chicago-based field’s renovations, referred to as the 1060 Project, after the Cubs’ 2014 season. Every offseason since has brought Woolf Distributing more projects. This offseason, the changes have been significant, including bleacher expansion, the addition of two new video boards, the park at Wrigley’s west entrance, wider and deeper dugouts, and the replacement of the infamous 1914 Club. As the second-oldest ballpark in the majors, it was crucial that Woolf Distributing settle for no less than perfection while on the job, which is why they chose a Strong Man tarp that’s known for its high-quality, rip-resistant 10×10 weave polyethylene and its ability to keep weather out and heat in.

The Heavy Duty FR Tarp can be used as a construction or scaffold tarp during abatement, demolition or restoration. Considering that Woolf Distributing’s jobsite at Wrigley includes a mishmash of all three, it’s no wonder why Strong Man was the perfect fit. In addition, the tarp is fire-retardant, meeting NFPA 701 Method II and Boston Fire Marshal Test BFD IX-1, with 2” reinforced hems with sewn corner patches and border rope added for superior strength. And, its easy installation and removal make the choice even more warranted.

Chairman of the project, Tom Ricketts, projects that renovations will be completed by Opening Day 2019. With the end in sight, Woolf Distributing will be continuing to use Strong Man for their safety needs, keeping its employees and pedestrians out of harm’s way. Because no detail is too small when it comes to any jobsite. Safety First. Go Strong.