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Safety in Advertising

You can manage your jobsite successfully and safely, but what about your brand exposure? In an age that’s filled with standard billboards and online advertisements, make sure your business stands out from the crowd by using Strong Man’s Custom-Printed Patches.

These custom-printed patches can help market your company, letting you stay 100% focused on the job at hand. We’ve combined our ever-popular SBN-22 Safety and Debris netting, which is offered in a variety of colors and sizes, with our 8-oz. mesh to bring you a fully-custom and made-to-order full-color patch to sport your logo, message, photo or business in high-resolution. Advertising has never been so simple, and it’s certainly never been this strong.

Not only do we strive to meet your specific design needs, but we also produce our patches with the strength and safety you need. Our patches are made from superior-strength reinforced PVC vinyl fabric with heat-sealed edges and grommets and optional webbing. In addition, the patches are UV treated and fire retardant, meeting NFPA 701 Test Method II standards for debris netting and 8-and-9-ounce polyester mesh with PVC coating. However, non-fire retardant is available, too.

Our custom-printed patches are perfect for co-branding with your partners, because we’re able to list multiple companies. But you can also use these patches for any special events, stadiums, concerts or schools. No matter your vision, Strong Man is committed to creating a durable, safe and beautiful addition to your site. When you need strong marketing, call on Strong Man. Safety First. Go Strong.